My Story - Me before Imperial

Born in Hong Kong in 1995, I was raised at various parts of the city. Moving houses once every one or two years, I have lived at Lam Tin, Fotan, Shatin, Tsing Yi, Wanchai, Kowloon Tong etc. The constant change of environment was difficult for me at first, but eventually I got used to it. I studied at Alliance Primary School (Kowloon Tong), where heavy emphasis was placed on musical development. I received rigorous training for playing the oboe, and managed to attain an ATCL Diploma at the age of 12.

Receiving a 3-year full scholarship, I started my secondary school education at St.Paul's Co-educational College (SPCC) in Hong Kong. With a robust drive for academic excellence, SPCC was surprisingly balanced in terms of the extra-curricular activities that it provided. From the month-long outward-bounding experience in Australia, to the TsingHua Exchange Tour, and to the Self-Initiated Programs (where we managed to interview multiple members of the Legislative Council),  the opportunities available were much more than I could have expected.

After 5 years of secondary education in Hong Kong, I applied to, and was subsequently accepted to Tonbridge School in the UK for sixth form studies. The all-boys boarding school sat on a beautiful area in Tonbridge, Kent. It has a magnificent chapel, a theatre auditorium, and a fully equipped sports centre (with multiple pitches, tennis courts and a large swimming pool that the Australian olympic team trained in). As Hong Kong was a former British Colony, the cultural shock wasn't significant and the welcoming housemasters, matrons and staff, made settling at the boarding house fairly straightforward. Well, perhaps besides that one time when I was struggling with jet lag and got carried down (along with my mattress) to the dining room for roll call.

Tonbridge school was also the place where my passion for fencing blossomed (prior to Tonbridge, I only had introductory trainings in SPCC). Practicing every Tuesday, Thursday and having matches every Saturday, resulted in a steep learning curve. There was almost an instinctive urge to stay on the piece as long as possible, and the matches with our brother schools were often more than rewarding.

In the summer immediately after my graduation from Tonbridge school, I started my first start-up, a university consultancy that bridges the need of sixth form students, and university students. My partners and I assisted prospective students with personal statements, university choices, UCAS applications, interview preparation and aptitude tests. The venture kickstarted my interest in the start-up field, as I participated in a number of social and business enterprises in the years that follow.

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